About Us

The mission of the Aylmer Area Community Foundation is to help improve the quality of life in the Aylmer area. To that end, the Foundation builds and manages a perpetual fund. Income from this fund is distributed in grants to organizations that provide a wide range of outreach.

Aylmer Area Community Foundation pools charitable gifts in a capital fund to create a lasting legacy for the future of our community. The Foundation reaches out to people of all ages from the Town of Aylmer, Township of Malahide and the Municipality of Bayham. Through the generosity of many donors, both large and small, the Foundation continues to grow. Your individual gift is never spent or ‘used up.’ Its purchasing power is preserved along with other donor gifts through an invested capital fund. Donations are retained as capital in perpetuity. The interest generated by the fund is used to provide grants to enhance the quality of life in Aylmer and surrounding area. The mission of the Aylmer Area Community Foundation is to distribute grants to organizations which provide a wide range of cultural, educational, health, environmental, recreational, heritage and community services.

Board of Directors 2022-2023

Chair: Jack Couckuyt

Harvey Tribe

Judi Wright

Tom Hill

Katherine Thompson

Dennis O’Neil

Dennis Boadway

Chris Button

Pat Campbell

Dave Dykeman

Martin Miller